Our Background

MEECONS is an Environmental NGO that resulted from inspiration of a Documentary Movie from 2007 - An Inconvenient Truth, which went on to win the Oscar for Best Documentary for the year 2007. The movie showcase the issues of Global Warming and Climate Change and how it affecting us what might happen in future because of it. The Organized started on facebook in Oct, 2011. We formed a team in 2012 and registered ourselves in 2014.

About Us

We are an environmental NGO based out of Visakhapatnam. Our key priority areas are Workshops and Film Screenings. We do workshops on various topics including 1. Food Wastage 2. Vegetarianism 3. Renewable Energy 4. Biodiversity 5. Climate Change 6. Water Conservation 7. Wildlife Conservation 8. Gardening & Composting 9. Rainwater Harvesting 10. Energy Conservation 11. Water and Carbon Footprint 12. Sustainability 13. Plastic Awareness 14. Energy Auditing 15. Bird Watching and Conservation 16. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 17. Pollution 18. GMOs 19. Globalization 20. Oceans The brochure of the same is available at http://bit.ly/MEECONS-WSFS-Brochure

Our Vision

A clean, green and sustainable world.

Our Mission

To educate, inspire and empower people to lead a clean, green and sustainable world.

Areas of Work

Environmental Awareness
Environmental Education
Animal Welfare
Wildlife Conservation


Anyone with a will to work for a better tomorrow can work voluntarily for MEECONS. We have a range of roles including Workshop Leads, Program Leads, Project Directors, Membership Coordinator, Web Administrator, Social Media Lead etc.


We offer an annual membership of Rs. 100/-. Anyone with a will to work for a better environment can become a member of MEECONS. We do not have organizational membership as of now. If there are any changes, the same will be shown here as well as our website.

Leading Team

  • Board Member 1
  • S Ravi Kanth Reddy
  • President
  • 9885830838
  • Board Member 2
  • Vijay Potnuru
  • Secretary
  • 9248361630
  • Board Member 3
  • Vivek N Rathod
  • Treasurer
  • 9052797234

Social Media Presence

To reach out us, You can use any of the below social sites.

Contact Us

  • Door No 4-43-15/5/1
  • Second Floor
  • Kagithala Vari Street Pedawaltair
  • Visakhapatnam - 530017 Andhra Pradesh
  • India

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