Action against feral dogs in Kirlampudi

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    The number of feral dogs in the area has reached alarming proportions. They appear harmless during daytime but turn territorial and vicious at night. They exhibit pack behaviour and attack vehicles, people and pets.

    Following an attack on a pet dog in the locality, the Smart Kirlampudi committee raised a complaint with the GVMC. A group of us met the commissioner and put forward our concerns about this problem.

    While it is clear that these animals cannot be exterminated, the GVMC have begun collecting them. They will be neutered and released into the locality where they should no longer be as aggressive and should eventually die out.

    These dogs thrive because they can get into dustbins to feed. We should look at making the locality clear of garbage dumps and maintain tightly closed dustbins so that they do not get to feed.

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